About Us


Dexo Media is a Delhi-based digital media agency, founded in 2018. We are situated in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place. Our office is amongst the best corporate hubs of Delhi.

At DEXO, we believe in giving the utmost client satisfaction and results. We not only provide you with all the digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization service, Search Engine Management service, Social Media Management service, etc, but we also help our clients in building a complete business scaling strategy and a timeline-based plan of action for better sales and performance for our client’s business. We provide highly focused performance marketing driven with creativity to build your business into a brand.

We believe in A to Z business solutions as our moral is to provide the result that the client has been projected and achieve their expectations. For that, we work devotedly day and night to come up with such customized, unique, and specific strategies with the use of the latest technologies for every unique client. 

Standing as the leading digital media agency in Delhi , our team is highly motivated, experienced, and works in a friendly way to deliver the best output to every client and helping them in growing into a successful brand.

“Inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy.” 


Our Service Horizon

Brand Analysis

Perform a comprehensive review of your marketing communications

Brand Identification

branding goes way beyond just a business logo or color scheme.

Brand positioning

review the brand’s value proposition as well as positioning.

Brand strategy & planning

what makes your business unique, your strengths and weaknesses, competition, target audience, and opportunities.

Increase ROAS

Scaling paying users through CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS campaigns

Rapid Optimization

Why stay stagnant when you can grow everyday

Creating innovative videos & banners

“Jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai” creatives and banners

PPC Research

to find the best and high revenue campaign for you business

Heightening User Experience, Each Time

Improving your web experience to utmost

Specific Targeting

Traffic relevant to your website

Boost your Organic Traffic

new users everyday and old ones too

Evident, Relevant and Friendly.

Your website will be everywhere

Social Media Strategy

Planned and researched steps to ensure growth

Page Moderation

Making page user optimised for comprehensive experience

Brand reputation management

So nobody can hurt your brand on our watch

Unique content

creatives that make the thumbs double tap


Clients On Us


Outstanding Experience!

As the director of the company, I know that starting any SEO and SMM campaign is a huge task. It’s even more difficult to do it alone because you don’t have an expert helping guide your way through all the steps. That’s why we chose Dexo Media for performing digital marketing of our company. They created the website from scratch! In addition to their work with us on developing new tactics for social media pages, which got us a vast number of audiences and engagements.

CEO and WP Dev

Outstanding Work!

Dexo Media is a trustworthy and dedicated company that worked with us to create an efficient marketing campaign. Their services are trendy, innovative, and have been beneficial for our business ever since we started working together. The SEO efforts turned out to be surprisingly effective and they were also pretty savvy with regards to social media. For any company looking to make an impact, we recommend dexo media.

The lords Of Drink
CEO and WP Dev

Great Job and Awesome!

Working with the team of Dexo Media was easy and without any inconvenience. Their strategies in terms of branding the company were exceptional and their great way of presenting the company digitally made us stand out from our competitors. They understood all our needs from day one, and before long had given us some great ideas on how to get attention using videos or blogs, all while staying true to what makes this company special!

Voyager's Beat
CEO and WP Dev

Outstanding Experience!

Working with Dexo Media has helped us extend the reach we can achieve on social media by supporting both organic and paid activities. SEO and PPC work has translated into meaningful visibility for our company. They’re a team you can count on to be flexible, responsive, and diligent no matter what the challenges may be. We really love that they keep in contact with us through timely messages, which makes collaborating very simple.

CEO and WP Dev

Outstanding Experience!

We have got some amazing results, working with Dexo Media via performance marketing which was managed very effectively by the team. Getting us some unimaginable outcomes with their top efforts, while keeping all our ideas and opinions into consideration. We are more than happy with their commendable work.

CEO , UI Desgin Lab

Great Decision

It was a great decision to trust and work with Dexo Media. Teaming up with them for building our brand from scratch was totally worth it. The strong SEO strategies implemented by them resulted in driving traffic to the website. Also, the outpouring of creative and unique ideas for posts on different social media platforms has led to the company’s success in reaching the youth audience swiftly and also keeping their interest with constant updates on a daily basis. We have been contented with their services so far.

Bemi Studios

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